How to Choose Feng Shui Paintings For Living Room

There are some things you should keep in mind before purchasing feng shui paintings. While there are many types of feng shui wall art available, you should avoid buying ones with a negative connotation. Choosing paintings that clearly represent feng shui symbols will help you find the perfect match for your living room. If you are not sure what to choose, read some Feng Shui tips first.

Avoiding feng shui paintings that come with a negative perception

In feng shui, an empty wall is not good for Qi flow. Artwork on the walls may restrict the flow of energy, making people feel tired more quickly. Feng shui often associates cardinal directions with different energies. These energies can be harnessed through the introduction of corresponding natural elements. For example, the north wall of a room represents career and is associated with water energy.

When choosing paintings for the living room, try to avoid those that have negative associations with the four elements. Avoid using artwork that was created by people you no longer know. Choose feng shui paintings that have positive symbolism, such as those that show a landscape. Be careful not to hang paintings that have negative associations with the four elements, such as animals or flowers.

Choosing wall art with clear feng shui symbolism

If you’re considering incorporating feng shui into your home decor, you’ve probably heard of the Bagua map. This ancient art form describes the five elements and how they affect various parts of your life. For example, the living room’s wealth area is in the far left corner. By placing wall art there, you’ll enhance the energy flow in this area.

Choose wall art that has a calming effect. Artwork that depicts water or sailing vessels should have a movement that is in the direction of the room. Artwork depicting people or animals, however, should have a different energy meaning. Avoid images of single or lonely people or anything with violent imagery. Mirrors are another thing to avoid because they can reflect negative energy.

When choosing wall colors for your living room, consider the five elements of feng shui. If you’re decorating a space for a partner, go for a color that reflects this energy. Earth tones, like brown or green, will bring harmony and prosperity to your home. Choose colors that work well together rather than clashing with each other.
Choosing paintings with colors of fire and flowers

Choosing paintings with the colors of fire and flowers for the living room is a great idea for anyone who wants to attract positive energy. Red is the color of fire and it represents passion, courage, fighting for one’s dreams and health. In addition, it represents creativity and life. Since fire cannot be still, it is always in motion. Adding a painting with the color of fire to the living room will remind the viewers to stay active.